• September 20th, 2018
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Nelago ready for Miss Teen International


Windhoek Young and ambitious Anna ‘Nelago’ Shangevi says she is more than ready to represent the country at the Miss Teen International 2016 next month in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The competition is held under the global flagship of the Prince and Princess International pageant. “For the past two months I have been training very hard. I promise to do my best to at least win something,” says Nelago, adding that winning the title will be a “dream come true”. “I believe every young girl’s dream is to become a princess – so we take our talents very seriously,” she says. If she wins she would start a campaign to inspire other youths to stay focussed on their dreams. “Young people must always be positive and believe in their talents all the time,” she adds. The 19-year-old model started her modelling career in 2007 when she was in Grade 4. She won her first title at the age of 10. So far she has won more than five titles and says they actually helped her to be positive and have more courage. She advises all young people to do their best in whatever they are doing to get somewhere in life. Nelago is the first princess of Miss KB 2007; Miss Summer and Miss Photogenic 2010, Miss Kambelembele 2012, second princess of Caps 2014 and first princess of Bar Vision 2030.
2016-06-27 10:53:38 2 years ago
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