• September 21st, 2018
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My hands clean on land dealings – Kazenambo

National, Front Page News
National, Front Page News

Windhoek Businessman Kazenambo Kazenambo says all his land acquisitions have been above board and that he has furnished Okahandja Municipality with proof of how he acquired plots at the town. Kazenambo, a former minister of youth and sport and deputy minister of local government, was listed among 260 persons and businesses from whom Okahandja Municipality’s new management demanded documentation to prove how they acquired land at the town. An irate Kazenambo yesterday took issue with New Era’s report that said he declined to comment on the matter when contacted on Sunday, saying the article implied he had something to hide. New Era had contacted Kazenambo to get his reaction to the municipality’s demand for proof of how he acquired land at the town. Yesterday Kazenambo, himself a former journalist, said he accepts that he is a public figure and the concommitant media interest that results from that status – but insisted his business dealings have always been above board. “Last week Thursday I provided proof of how I acquired land at Okahandja, as requested. So I have absolutely nothing to hide,” the former minister said. “I bought my first land in the 1990s in Dorado Park and, just like the land I acquired in Brakwater and other places, it has been done procedurally. I’ve always followed procedures.” Kazenambo said most of his land was acquired before he was in the political limelight and before he had any influence. “An impression is being created that I got land when I was deputy minister of local government, or as minister of youth. That can’t be further from truth. At Okahandja my name is in the allocation book. Go and see for yourself.” He said his first application for land at Okahandja was declined and he had to reapply before he eventually got approval. “There is an element of pure jealousy against me in this whole thing, but I will continue to do business in Namibia, as long as I follow procedures,” he concluded.
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