• September 26th, 2018
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Industry Loop: Harambee Prosperity Gigs

MCs in the country are bombarded with co-operation proposals from musicians. What do these proposals entail? Allow Abuti NSK to contextualise it for you. Musicians are proposing that MCs convince clients to put them on the programme when MCs get gigs. All fine and well. Not a bad idea. However this idea can quickly go from “not a bad idea” to “why did I allow this f*****g c**t near my clientele”. Here is the problem with such a deal. The MC may have an outstanding reputation with the clientele but it can Shaduka in one night’s doing. This is because the MC bears the risk of losing future business. This is because it is the MC that will convince the client to add this oh so marvellous musician to the programme. The client will naturally expect the MC to take care of everything regarding this new edition to the programme. But why all the “risk” talk?! With Namibian Musicians? R I S K S every damn where! The likelihood of that musician pitching up at that event under the influence is highly possible. The likelihood of that musician pitching up with the whole ELCRN congregation is highly possible. The likelihood of that musician pitching up with underage dancers is highly possible. The likelihood of that musician pitching up with a scratched cd that they used a few light years ago is highly possible. The likelihood of that musician forgetting the bottom line of the event is highly possible. The possibility of this musician jumping on the mic with a rival brand displaying on their clothing or what he is drinking is soooooooooooo possible. How does one minimise these risks? BRIEF BRIEF BRIEF. But because Namibian Musicians are a different breed, you might need more than just briefing. You will need a contract/MOU/Consensus anything to have a few dos and don’ts to stick. Fellow MCs brief your “partner” well in advance. Explain word by word what the contract/MOU/Consensus entail. MCs the onus is on you to get that musician to toe the line. The biggest difference between an MC and a musician is that an MC cares about the bottom line. A Musician couldn’t give a rats a$$. A Musician wants to perform her/his “hit” songs and that’s that! So MCs get them to care about the bottom line. Make them understand who and what the client stands for. Once you get that right, I doubt if you will experience any problems. But…with Namibian musicians..? Hehehe, good luck fam. PS: If it went exceptionally well with the first Harambee gig, turn the co-operation into a brand. Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! Song of the week: Dorry: Mahoka Flop of the week: LD (Leo & Dengs): Anything Is it an MC you need? BOOK NSK, at naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind(twitter) NSK #GMTM (facebook)
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