• September 23rd, 2018
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N$174 million for land at Walvis

Walvis Bay Walvis Bay Town Council has once again allocated the largest chunk of its 2016/2017 capital budget to land development at the town. Chairperson of the management committee, Swapo Party Youth League member Tobias Nambala, during the tabling of the N$363.7 million annual budget, indicated that N$174 million is being allocated for land development. He added that previous land development projects that are not completed yet would be carried over to the new financial year. In total 16 new extensions are envisaged to be developed in the new financial year. Five are at an advanced stage and will yield about 1 269 erven once completed. Furthermore, N$96 million was allocated to service delivery related projects, such as the implementation, upgrading and replacement of redundant water and sewer infrastructure at the town. N$26 million was also allocated to community and social projects, including the construction of a fire station in the Tutaleni suburb. About N$41 million has been allocated to infrastructure projects that will focus on the tarring and resealing of streets, as well as surfacing of sidewalks. Further, council will spend N$11 million to replace and add vehicles to its fleet. Council expects to generate N$393 million in revenue during this financial year, while annual expenditure has been projected at N$395 million, meaning the municipality expects to record a deficit of N$2.5 million According to Nambala, the capital budget was compiled keeping in view the town’s contribution and commitment towards achieving the National Development Plan (NDP4).
2016-07-04 10:18:37 2 years ago
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