• April 24th, 2019
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Ausiku shares progress report for Kavango West

Nkurenkuru Kavango West Governor Sirkka Ausiku shed light on the state of her region last week at Nkurenkuru where she reported on the development progress made during the past year. Ausiku highlighted that the Kavango West Regional Council’s activities during the period under review had been seven projects, namely, the construction of Kavango West Regional Government Office Park - Phase 1, which is completed; the construction of four (constituency offices at Mpungu and Ncamagoro, which is also completed, while Tondoro is at an advanced stage. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Mankumpi, and the regional council is attending to the problem, she reported. The construction of Rupara Rural Development Centre and the construction of services at Katwitwi are going according to schedule. On the activities of Nkurenkuru Town Council, Ausiku reported that during the period under review, the town council had two projects namely the construction of a new dumping site – which has been completed and the construction of municipal services in Nkurenkuru Ext. 3, which is still ongoing. Coming to the Ministry of Safety and Security, Ausiku reported that the ministry had seven projects during the period under review in the region. “Most of their projects are completed, like the police station at Ncaute, Simanya Police Post and erecting of security fences at Namasira and Bunya Police posts. The rest of their projects are ongoing,” she said. According to Ausiku, during the period under review the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry constructed 118 sanitation facilities in Kapako Constituency, 109 in Mpungu Constituency and 53 in Musese Constituency, drilled 21 boreholes in seven Constituencies and installed 22 boreholes in six constituencies. MAWF also constructed Mupini-Kapako Water Pipeline, as well as offices, accommodation, and clinics at Ncaute and Katwitwi for veterinary services that are all completed. The construction of small-scale farmers’ houses, roads and the electrification at Musese Green Scheme are all ongoing. Regarding projects in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, four teachers’ houses were constructed in Kapako, Mankumpi, Musese and Mpungu constituencies, two flush toilets and two VIP toilets were constructed in Kapako, Nkurenkuru and Ncuncuni constituencies while three classroom blocks and a storeroom were renovated in Mpungu Constituency. On the Ministry of Health and Social Services’ projects, Ausiku expressed disappointment with the pace of the construction of clinics in the region. “The construction of clinics and health centre in Nkurenkuru, Dcwatjinga, Gcaruhwa are not completed yet and not to mention the district hospital that seems to have been abandoned. We are however happy with the ministry’s outreach and vaccination programmes,” she said. The Ministry of Justice only had one project under the review period, which is the upgrading and construction of the lower court but the project is still at documentation stage. The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration had two projects in the region under the review period namely, the construction of regional office at Nkurenkuru and staff housing at Katwitwi, and these two projects are ongoing and under documentation. On the other hand, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare had two projects in the region under the review period, the construction of Mburuuru Constituency Office and Community Empowerment Centre in Nkurenkuru, which are also at documentation stage. The Ministry of Mines and Energy had one project, rural electrification at schools, and it is reported to be ongoing. The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources also had one project in the region during the review period, which is the upgrading of Mpungu Fish Farm that is at an advance stage. “However, the Mpungu Fish Farm is not visible to the communities in the region and we want the ministry to improve on the marketing and promotion of this fish farm,” she said. The Ministry of Veterans Affairs constructed four veterans’ houses and erected 11 tombstones for deceased war veterans in the region. Ministry of Information and Communication Technology successfully completed its single project, which is the construction of a regional office in Nkurenkuru. The Roads Authority had six projects in the region, which are at detailed design and documentation phase. Electoral Commission of Namibia’s construction of a regional office is also reportedly on track.
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