• September 26th, 2018
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Schools Netball Super League action heats up

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Sport, Sports

Tsumeb/Windhoek Windhoek and the copper town of Tsumeb hosted the popular Bank Windhoek Schools Netball Super League matches last weekend. In the Under-17 age category Otjiwarongo Senior Secondary School and Windhoek Gymnasium remained the only unbeaten teams going into their penultimate clash in Otjiwarongo on July 16. Last weekend produced closely contested encounters between the schools, with two matches ending in stalemates between Elnatan and De Duine, as well as the De Duine and WHS clash of the titans. Windhoek Gymnasium Under-19s are the only unbeaten side in this particular age group category after their victory over Elnatan. The Windhoekers defeated their opponents by 60 baskets to 51 in a closely fought match on Friday night. Further up in Tsumeb, Edugate and hosts Tsumeb Gimnasium played a very tough match, but the visitors walked away with victory that gifted them a two-point cushion on the log table. The next round in the Super League will be played in Walvis Bay and Otjiwarongo on July 15 and 16, respectively. The full results are as follows: Under-17 DE DUINE VS ELNATAN 25/25 WBPHS VS WHS 25/28 ELNATAN VS DR LEMMER 38/9 GOB GYM VS DR LEMMER 27/14 GOB GYM VS DE DUINE 24/25 DE DUINE VS WHS 23/23 ELNATAN VS WHS 25/19 WHK GYM VS WBPHS 41/26 AGRI C VS OSS 10/21 AGRI C VS ETOSHA 19/6 OSS VS EDUGATE 36/9 EDUGATE VS ETOSHA 20/17 Under-19 WHK GYM VS ELNATAN 60/51 WBPHS VS WAP 48/54 DR LEMMER VS WAP 20/59 WHK GYM VS WBPHS 56/44 DR LEMMER VS ELNATAN 18/57 DE DUINE VS ELNATAN 40/56 WAP VS DE DUINE 43/42 EDUGATE VS ETOSHA 82/10 ETOSHA VS TSUMEB GIM 5/77 EDUGATE VS TSUMEB GIM 33/26 De-Duine
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