• October 18th, 2018
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Industry Loop: Miss Namibia, let’s avoid dejavu!

Steffi van Wyk will relinquish her crown this weekend in what one can describe her reign as very sport orientated. But that’s not what I want to talk about. Last year I bashed the organisers of Miss Namibia for literally doing EVERYTHING WRONG! No really, EVERYTHING! Here are my hopes for this year’s pageant: If we are going to use a live ensemble of the national anthem, I beg the organisers to choose the right pairing of voices. Last year they had Blossom and Sam Batola do the national anthem, and boy the less we say about their rendition, the better. Perhaps a choir? Sir Axali Doëseb composed that national anthem with a choral focus. Unless we have two incredible voices with a workable rendition, my advice to the organisers would be to use a choir. Another hope that I have for this year’s pageant is the inclusion of title bars. Last year the event that was broadcasted live on One Africa had vochol title bars. The over emphasis on sponsors last year was downright annoying. Daai storie van: “ We would like to thank our sponsors” every bloody minute must FALL! If we are going to have a red carpet presentation, can the team of presenters kindly be well versed with the guests that will be in attendance? There is nothing worse than: “Ok, so we are standing here with someone..um…jah tell us your name sir/madam”. Nee nee nee! It should be: “Ladies and gentleman, kindly welcome Ousi Surukus from #GMTM to the red carpet…” It is my hope that organisers relooked at the tradition of having judges comprising of sponsors. Again, I ask…what do these executives know about pageantry? My suggestion is to have seasoned style/fashion/arts/beauty leaders of the industry on the judges panel. Because clearly the practice of having judges from companies who sponsored to choose Miss Namibia has not translated into international glory. Genaade mense, the last success we had on the international scene dates back to the 90s in the name of Michelle “Mcklene”. Last year, the absence or lack of right placing of the ghost voice left much to be desired. Have a ghost voice introduce guests onto the stage in the absence of the MC of the night. It really goes without saying. Exclusive Dance Group had a torrid time last year on stage. If we are going to have them perform again, or any other dance group, can the organisers of Miss Namibia kindly allow the groups to see out their own style? Dei goed van expecting a Hip Hop dancing crew to dance on a Steve Hofmeyer song is just rude. Which brings me to my next hope…organisers of Miss Namibia: CAN WE PLEASE GET THE MUSIC RIGHT? The last time I checked, we are crowning Miss Namibia. Not Miss South Africa or Miss USA. Let us celebrate the beauty this country has to offer with the music coming out of this country. The mixture of having dancers on stage with the contestants on stage was an eye sore. There was too much happening. It’s a beauty pageant. Let the focus stay on the girls! One of the judges asked a Barack Obama question last year. Which in my opinion was uncalled for. Again, this is Miss Namibia. Can the judges kindly pick the top 5 brains on SOCIAL ISSUES! Not Barrack Obama and not what are your hobbies. I want questions that will challenge the girls on GBV, Road Carnage, The Land Issue, Poor Labour Relations, etc. You cannot be Miss Namibia if you are not in touch with the social issues facing Namibians. Kuda did a great job last year hosting a rather poorly organised and broadcasted event. She was one of very few positives from last year. I hope this year’s host continues where Kuda left off. One last request…can we get a proper NAMIBIAN winning song ready for the BIG moment? Last year’s winning song was just nonsense. Dear Miss Namibia organisers, if you are in need of expertise in any of the areas I highlighted, contact me. I will direct your team to the right people in a pursuit of a successful Miss Namibia event. Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM Song of the week: Christopher the Grand: Maria Nola Flop of the week: Any song by Mr. 4T is trash (I stand to be convinced otherwise) Need an MC? Contact NSK for a quote at naobebsekind@gmail.com@naobebsekind (twitter)
2016-07-08 13:04:58 2 years ago
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