• September 21st, 2018
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Zoom In: Gardening: Satisfying and Healthy

In Namibia in most cases gardening or plants are mostly based in the Northern part of the country, and that’s not because it’s meant to be only there but because it is said that not many people understand the importance of having a garden, and sustaining it. Even in the capital or other parts of the country, the numbers of houses with gardens few. Gardening is believed to be satisfying as well as healthy, all the more the reason one to act on it. Whether one has a huge plot or not, sometimes, she/he does not even need any land. She/he can plant a garden in pots or maybe if she/he just doesn’t like dirtying self; there are many reasons why people don’t have gardens. Either way it’s no excuse. Whether a beginner gardener or an experienced one, Zoom In zooms into the reasons why EVERYONE should have a garden. Improves your health. Eating fruits and vegetables is a proven way to stay healthier. Many studies have found that people who eat more fruits and vegetables suffer less from cancer and chronic diseases such as heart disease, gastrointestinal disease and impaired vision. It’s a lot easier to get more vegetables into your diet when they are growing affordably right in your backyard! Your own vegetables will taste better, too, because you can eat them when they’re freshly picked and still contain the maximum amount of flavour and nutrients. Good-tasting food isn’t the only heath benefit gardening offers. It’s also an easy and enjoyable way to spend time in the fresh air and sunshine getting healthy, moderate exercise. Most people agree that gardening is pleasant and relaxing, and it has actually been clinically proven to can help alleviate stress. Teaching your kids about nature and healthy living. If you have kids, there is no better way to introduce them to healthy habits than to involve them in growing a garden. Children are much more likely to want to eat vegetables they have grown themselves. Most kids are excited to watch tiny seeds sprout and grow. Gardening is also a very easy and accessible way to combat “nature deficit disorder”, a term used to describe the increased alienation and stress experienced by children who grow up without being able to interact with the environment. By playing in the garden, and observing the plants and animals in it, children learn valuable lessons about living things, and their own relationship to the environment. Gardening builds community. It seems that few people know their neighbours anymore, but when you spend time outside in your yard you may find yourself chatting with the neighbour over the garden fence. And once you realise you have planted more green beans or tomatoes than you could ever use, you’ll be surprised how delighted people are when they see you come their way! Self-sufficient. This is the reason many people have a garden and it certainly is a good one. With fuel prices rising, and crop problems around the world, being able to produce food in your own backyard is one of the best ways to supplement your food supply. Not only will you be more self-sufficient in one area, but the resources that are freed up from buying food can be redirected to other areas to help you balance your personal budget and meet your other financial or preparedness goals. Awareness We live in a world that is going a million miles a minute. With everything constantly “on” in the background, and electric lights telling our bodies it is day time all the time, it can be hard to even keep track of the days of the week. When you commit to being a gardener, you commit to being aware of what is around you in the real world. Suddenly you notice where the sun is and when. You start to see the subtle differences in soil, and actually appreciate that a wriggly worm is actually your garden helper. If you are anything like me, you will probably start to see that greater sense of awareness spill into other areas of your life. Save money With fruit and vegetable prices rocketing sky high, growing your own vegetable garden is the smart way to save money. Gardening does not have to become a second full time job. Start little, and you will want to keep expanding each year as you experience all the joys of having your own garden. Even if you have limited space, you can start an indoor container garden. Now, go outside and grab your shovel and start digging. Tips for preparing the soil To ensure your new plants thrive and produce, prepping the soil is an absolute must. Adding rich organic matter like compost, manure and fertiliser will add body and nutrition to your garden bed. Once you’ve blended these new ingredients, turn your garden bed again, this time adding fresh garden soil alongside your organic matter, mixing the new soil with the old. Leave this for a couple of weeks and remove any weeds that pop up during this time. Make sure you dig it through one more time before planting. By now your soil bed should be just right – full of all the nutritional goodies that your veggies need to thrive – and begging for a row of new seedlings or seeds. Additional source:offthegridnews.com;greenandhealthyhomes.org
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