• September 20th, 2018
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Monika’s reflections: Be content with what you have

Today’s topic is about developing a sense of contentment with what we have. If you have a shelter over your head, never go to bed hungry and if you are lucky enough to have decent clothes, then count yourself a lucky soul. Not everyone has the blessing of having all these things within their reach. There are people out there, who are suffering from a lack of most – if not everything – in life. Take street kids for example, they are homeless and have less to no affection in their lives. A lot of us have people that work for us; our parents do what is right by us. They put something on the table. They dress us and protect us in various facets in life. They lead us on right paths and teach us the way of life. Trust me, some people do not have the privilege to have any of these. Some were deprived of the love of a parent, be it when they were younger or in later stages in their lives. This should serve as encouragement for you to be grateful for what you have and to put what you have to good use. People are not all on a level playing field, and if you find yourself fortunate enough to have what you need, or much more than that in life, be consistent in doing your all to appreciate it. In life it is up to you to make good use of what you are able to access. Street kids out there eat and drink food begged from passersby, or just people they see in the streets. They survive on food from dustbins and do not have decent clothes to cover up. Their struggle to survive is tough. Nevertheless this does not discourage them from living their lives. The street kids are out there and are still striving to get on in life. As for those of us that have the opportunity to live a decent life, we should do a better job at living for others too. Sometimes it is evident enough that a person is really suffering, not by choice but by chance. So on such occasions one may render a helping hand as far as it may stretch. Not only that but it is also right to give to charity when the opportunity arises. There are donation bins out there. So once in a while you may extend your helping hand by putting something useful in it. Remember that a giving hand is a blessing hand and it belongs to the blessed, as well. Take your opportunities seriously young Namibians. You can begin doing this by taking your education seriously. Do not take what you have lightly, because what you are taking for granted may be kust what the other person needs to survive.
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