• September 25th, 2018
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Jeep Club Namibia goes dune driving


The largest gathering Jeep Club Namibia members, unleashed over 30 Jeeps and hard core 4x4’s into the dunes for a Saturday outing through the Namib desert, which for many was first time experience of testing their off road skills whilst enjoying an outing of a lifetime. An early morning start, saw the largest gathering of Jeep Club Namibia members and owners parked at the Lagoon, where the girls took ‘selfies’ and the guys compared notes and networked, many of whom had driven to the coast from Windhoek to take part in the club’s first major off-road excursion. An impressive line-up of Jeep Wranglers in all colours, sporting after market accessories with hard tops, soft tops, ranging in four and two-door variants, were the envy of all. In between, some Toyota FJ Cruisers and Land Rover Defenders added some variety to the gathering. For most of the people who attended it was their maiden trip into the dunes with their 4x4’s. With the trip planned for Sandwich Harbour, the time factor played a role as many first time drivers needed more leeway to tackle the obstacles, dune climbs and soft sand, so it was a long day. The day trip was accompanied by Werner Schaap, seasoned 4x4 adventurer who has made endless trips into the Namib desert over the past 11 years, having hosted a TV series ‘Battle of the Dunes’ which takes place in the desert surrounds of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. In addition M&Z Motors Walvis Bay sales crew were in the mix with the test drive silver Wrangler, as well as an organised local guide arranged by the Jeep Club Namibia to lead the excursion and take them through the desert, which for many novices is no mean feat. Speaking to Don Mumbone (Co-founder Jeep Club Namibia), he said that the club started last year in April in Windhoek with only four members, and has grown today in numbers with members from all over the country. He said that after this week-end they have reached about 70 members in total. “We are trying to bring everyone into this club to get to know their 4x4’s whilst enjoying a day out with family and friends - to live without limits because we have the cars that can do it.” said Don. “This was our second coastal trip, and by far the biggest the club organised, with more planned for the future,” he added, saying, that Werner will be coming up to Windhoek to provide some of the Jeep club members with skilled 4x4 driver training. “The day was beautiful, and a great experience especially for the first timers who put their vehicles and driving skills to the test, whilst meeting other fellow Jeep owners.” With more trips and outings in the pipeline, Don said that the next big trip to be organised by the Jeep Club Namibia, will be a week-long camping excursion from Luderitz to Walvis Bay later this year. He said that the Club was founded in April 2015, and started with four members, who are all still active today, and were part of the exciting dune drive experience, they are: Jerry Muadinohamba,  Kabende Kabende,  Martin Nambundunga and  Don Mumbone. Jeep Club Namibia can be reached on face book for further details.
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