• September 24th, 2018
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State wants life imprisonment for Nampindi

Crime and Courts, National
Crime and Courts, National

Windhoek State Advocate Ethel Ndlovu on Tuesday asked Judge Alfred Siboleka to ensure Eliakim Nampindi, 66, remains in custody for the rest of his days. Ndlovu argued Nampindi has shown he is a danger to society after a third and fourth killing to his name. Nampindi has two previous convictions for violent crimes - a three-year sentence for culpable homicide in 1983 and a 16-year sentence for murder in 1996. Despite being warned about his anger and his tendency to use knives to resolve problems by Judge Gibson who sentenced him in 1997, Nampindi did not abide by this, Ndlovu stressed. Rebekka Fredericks, the wife of Nampindi’s third victim Paul Fredericks, testified she still hurts a lot after losing a husband in such a cruel way. She told the court she now has the sole responsibility to look after their seven children who still long for a father whose life was brutally cut short. Sanna Jantjies who is the mother of his fourth victim Anetta Jantjies, who died after a plethora of stab wounds, told the court she cannot make peace with the manner in which her daughter died. “If it was through natural causes or through an act of God, I could have accepted it,” she told Judge Siboleka, adding that the murder pains her to this day. Mbanga Siyomunji who is representing the killer on instructions of the Department of Legal Aid asked the court to be lenient and take the age of Nampindi into consideration. Nampindi himself in mitigation asked the court to impose a suspended sentence to allow him to go back to his village and help his wife, gather his children scattered all over Namibia and live his last days in peace. “I promise this court I will repent and these things will never ever happen again,” Nampindi told the judge. But his lawyer conceded to the court that a custodial sentence is unavoidable. Siyomunji asked the court to impose a sentence with a portion suspended and further asked that the sentences on the three convictions run concurrently. Nampindi was convicted of double murder with direct intent by Judge Alfred Siboleka in June this year and a count of attempted murder. In relation to the first charge he was convicted of the murder of Paul Fredericks, 46, at Hoachanas in the Mariental District on March 5, 2009 and while out on bail for the first murder and on a warrant of arrest after he failed to return to court, he killed his life partner Anetta Jantjies during the period of August 3 to 4, 2011 at Kalkrand. He was also convicted for attempting to kill Salmon Rooinasie by stabbing him with a knife or sharp object in his back on the same night. Judge Siboleka reserved sentence for next Thursday at 09h00.
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