• October 17th, 2018
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Industry Loop: Mbuae! Miss Namibia?

Where do I even start? Just last week I shared my hopes for this year’s pageant. Sad to say that the organisers of Miss Namibia flatly ignored my advice. The pageant this year was simply gemors! You must understand that this really pains me because as a Namibian, I would like to present Namibian products of quality to the rest of the world. That’s what we saw last Saturday night? Ahawe…there is no way any Namibian can present that to the international world. Kindly note I have no issues with the girls. The girls are a true reflection of what Namibia stands for. That is diversity. Black, white, !huni, pers and groen! That is Namibia. The issue here is the actual pageant. The run-up to the pageant. The buzz around the pageant and its social importance (What social importance right? Ja I know…lol). At this point in time? The ordinary man does not give a rat’s a$$ about Miss Namibia things. Many people were actually surprised that Miss Namibia was on. Like… “Oh Miss Namibia is on? Oh ok.” To top it off, the organisers failed to secure a live broadcast for the event. Chops is a fantastic professional but it was really unfair on the part of the organisers to expect him to compete with the annoying loud music that was playing in the background as he was doing his intro. His jokes and punchlines got lost because one simply struggled to grasp what he was saying as the music was just too damn loud. On the subject of music…again, I ask: If we are saying Miss NAMIBIA 2016…why are the organisers forcing foreign music from a hundred years ago down our throats? Lou Bega’s Mambo number 5, a remake of Pérez Prado’s 1949 instrumental was released in 1999! Bloody 1999 and we having our girls dance do an opening routine on it in 2016! Really!?! Can we get serious please? That’s why we are calling it Miss Namibia 2 THOUSAND and bloody 16! Miss Namibia is supposed to be in touch with the current trends. What’s worse is that the poor girls had to introduce themselves after dancing for three minutes in a competition whose number one rule to be poised. Now you make me dance for three minutes and force me to introduce myself right after that…any bloody professional would know that you will naturally be out of breath. I’ve entertained thousands around the country for the past seven years, and never in my professional capacity have I come across such a basic stage for a supposed national event. Wow. Just wow! That stage looked like something for a school play. No, make it a church play! A private school’s play set up probably has better stage creativity than what we saw last Saturday. Matter of fact: NTN with that tiny theatre have put together WORLD CLASS sets for their audiences. Let’s do this: Finish the sentence and use the hastag #MissNamibia. Got it? Let’s give it a shot: The Miss Namibia 2016 stage looked = like ________________________ #MissNamibia Moving on. Ann Singer is a fantastic singer but because of that generic stage, generic lights and bloody generic everything, she ended up looking like she is trying her luck at karaoke. What made it worse is the interface from Ann Singer to the girls, which made for a good awkward moment. Mara…Miss Namibia organisers…uptown girl? Really?!! So now instead of playing Namibian music…the organisers saw it befitting to have a Namibian sing foreign songs. WOW. IT’S STILL THE SAME THING!!! The only other positive apart from Chops really trying hard to make something out of a downright out of touch and boring Miss Namibia staging, was Steffi Van Wyk. The venue also looked incredibly confined. As if Safari Hotel squeezed the event last minute into their diary. As for the questions, I said last week that questions need to challenge the contestants on social issues facing Namibians. How is: “If you could have one day where you could do anything without facing consequences, what would you do?” Bruh? In a country where we are already having drivers killing each other on the roads, babies getting dumped like garbage and women getting slaughtered…how on earth does on ask a question like that?! HOW?!! Miss Namibia will continue to lose its social importance if organisers do not start making that event NAMIBIAN! Just make the bloody thing NAMIBIAN! I don’t even understand how the corporate world can sponsor such an out of touch event. This event clearly does not speak to your target market. So who is this oak that approved sponsorship deals to Miss Namibia in its current form? Let’s do this. Since I am Mr. Know it all…I will compile a list of NAMIBIAN songs that could’ve been played at the pageant. And I challenge every Namibian to listen to these songs and tell me if I am wrong on this subject. Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM Song of the week: Omsaane Niihana: Penuna Flop of the week: Any “musics” by Omalenga Entertainment Need an MC? Contact NSK for a quote at naobebsekind@gmail.com@naobebsekind (twitter) End of November 26, Dj, 7pm tot 12pm Red carpet, Sarafie, Nampower, Dj and mc
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