• September 25th, 2018
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Standard Bank’s X-trail goes from strength to strength

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Windhoek More than 550 sports fanatics recently participated in the second leg of the Standard Bank X-Trail Series, hosted in the surroundings of the Avis dam. This signifies 67% more participants than the first event held on June 5. A total of 360 runners participated in the 8-km race, while 160 participated in the 16-km race. In total 315 women and 235 men participated in both the first and second races. “This is quite unusual. Normally the ratio of participation is 70% men and 30% women,” said Yvonne Brinkmann of OTB Sports, organiser of the event. Standard Bank held the two X-Trail runs in partnership with OTB Sport. The Standard Bank X-Trial Series include opportunities for veteran and recreational trail runners, families, as well as those seeking a road to trail crossover running experience. “Standard Bank sees the need to support active and healthy lifestyles. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation,” says Standard Bank’s Head of Marketing Jacquiline Pack. A contribution of N$2000 was made to Friends of Avis, a non-profit organisation looking after the surroundings of Avis Dam. Sam-jpg
2016-07-20 11:17:37 2 years ago
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