• September 19th, 2018
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Support needed for Harambee Youth Awards

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Windhoek Young entrepreneur, motivational speaker and founder of the Harambee Youth Awards Nelson Haihambo is challenging the private sector, civil society, trade unions, government and others to assist the Harambee Youth Awards 2016 in building capacity among the youth at local and regional level. Intended for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years who have proven themselves excellent in different developmental endeavours and social service, the Harambee Youth Awards aim to honour young people for their dedication to excellence and hold them up as role models to fellow youth. The objectives of the award are to recognise the capacity and capability of the youth; acknowledge and honour the youth’s achievements at national level; inspire and motivate the youth for outstanding efforts; reassure youth that they are not alone in the fight, but are part of a nation fighting to achieve a common purpose of social and economic empowerment and emancipation. It also aims to encourage young people to be positive role models, ambassadors and mentors in their community or town. “We are urging United Nations agencies, governments, the private sector, NGOs and so forth to empower youth to drive social programmes in this developing country through the new and innovative project, Harambee Youth Awards with any assistance that can be made available… as we will be launching the first ever Harambee Youth awards in days to come and are ready to take up the duty for the registrations of 2016 nominees,” says Haimbo. The mission is to hold the Harambee Youth Awards annually with values in mind, such as integrity, honesty, accountability, service excellence, respect for youth and the nation and a sincere appreciation of diversity. This is to inspire and motivate young people and to encourage them to engage in national activities that contribute to the economy of the country. Some of the envisaged outcomes through the awards are: youth empowerment, creating youth ambassadors, and encouraging innovation.
2016-07-20 11:56:06 2 years ago
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