• October 23rd, 2018
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Industry Loop: Miss Namibia Playlist

SAs promised, I compiled a list of Namibian songs that could’ve been utilised during the Miss Namibia pageant. Kindly understand my stance. If we are saying Miss Namibia, then Miss Namibia should be having girls walk to Namibian music. This playlist will demonstrate that the age old excuse of: “Namibian music is not quality” does not hold water in 2016. National events should be a reflection of the very same nationals it attempts to serve. The songs I listed were released between 2015 to 2016. Up-tempo: Big Ben: Meuru Freeda: Jiga Mama Christopher the Grand: Ready or not Dj Bassof: I feel Wild Dogs: Africa motherland Cox: Rosita Dj Xavi: Summer Time Feelngs Jaliza: Ti Tsatara Freeda: Mutjaka Dj Snoop: Mina Name LMPC: Live it up Kalux: Ayeeko Kalux: Axaro Adora x Sally: Ahawe Chikune: Booty Call Romano Nauseb: ITama Drey: Friday Multi Talented: Always wanted Arrafath: Musuverua Tswazis: Xuro Ann Singer: Mbwiti Dance Dik Bones: Woelige Shandi Female Donkey: Ama Tsu Ees x Hansolo: Yeye Mid-Tempo: Chikune: Kapana Paradox: Mr Well Done Sally: Natural N.I.A: Body rock N.I.A: Party ain’t a party Vernice: Lovers or Friends The Dotcomz: Mara Vandag Big Ben: Ozomboro Samuele: Skelemens PDK: Independence Song (we sele sele) Eyezman: The one Tate Buti: Geberal One Blood: Isabella Ann Singer: Rock Song Magogoz: Skuduru Paul Da Prince: Marry you Stardust: Hero Kanibal: A good woman Noxdotcom: Dila Dila John Gregorious: Vir die lewe Ixa: Sivler Randjie Relaxed Tempo: Promise: Mirror Patrick: Till the core Valentino: Loosing your heart Chikune: I wanna feel Paul Da Prince: Raindrops Pepi: Myne Andries Potgieter x Liz Ehlers: Woestynroos Brasze Fani Mic: Jackson K: Shilongo Shetu (Remix) Ras Sheehama: Song for you Maranatha: Put on a smile Ras Sheehama: Oovetango Freeda: Change the world D-Naff: Stop the abuse Berthold: Kisses in the rain KP Illest: Don’t hold back Who are these people? They are Namibians! They are Namibian Entertainers. They are Namibian Entertainers with good music. These are Namibian Entertainers with good music which should’ve been play listed at this years’ edition of Miss Namibia. Let’s hope Madam Miss Namibia Organiser will copy and paste for next year… J. Uptown girl? Dreadful! Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM Song of the week: Chris-Lim: Ex in my room Flop of the week: Alvin: Akuna Need an MC? Contact NSK for a quote at naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
2016-07-22 12:21:25 2 years ago
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