• September 23rd, 2018
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Personality imperative in a career choice

Tsumeb To make an informed career decision it is always imperative to start with one’s own personality by weighing one’s physical, mental, emotional and social characteristics. Because deciding which career is right for one is an overwhelming process. Rather than focusing on identifying a direct path, it is always advisable to make a self-assessment of what one wants to become in life and what she/he is good at including the lifestyle she/he would like to live. Oshikito regions’ deputy Education director, Vilho Shipuata, advises. He was addressing Grade 10 and 12 learners during a career fair at the Community Skills Development Support (COSDEC) in Tsumeb, advising learners to always first determine their own needs and goals then synchronise their findings with what the world has to offer. This was the second Tsumeb educational career fair, themed “Education is Priority” this year. Learners from even schools from Otavi, Grootfontein and Tsumeb attended. “Before making a decision one should gather information on the career as well as identify alternatives in case the first option don’t work, furthermore one has to review the decision and weigh the consequences because once this is not done your decision will have a long term impact” advises Shipuata. He further cautions learners’ career decisions not be influenced by one and for them to be guided and given support where possible according to what they feel it is right for them. COSDEC’s Manager, Ntema Sihela, reminds learners about the nice infrastructure and material they enjoy and see having been made by skilled people. “Therefore this career fair presents you to the real world whereby you have to engage with experts and make informed decisions so that next time they can acquire skills and upgrade what is already there” adds Sihela. Acquiring skills means eradicating poverty because people will have the knowhow to make a living, concurs Shipatua. Furthermore he urges teachers to make provisions for learners so that they can be doing internships or job shadowing during holidays to find their inner self during such internship whether they really fit in any given profession. “Don’t choose a profession for money or because most of your friends are doing a particular thing, rather focus on what you love most and never choose a career because it seems easy because success doesn’t come on a silver plate, therefore hard work determines success” warnes Shipuata. The career fair was sponsored by Tschudi Mine, Build It and Ohorongo Cement together with COSDEC
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