• September 19th, 2018
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A call for Namibians to be ready

I am concerned about the state of the world today. I am concerned about the life we are living now. I am scared to imagine how life will be in the years ahead and I am frightened at how things have changed, beginning with people. Being so concerned, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I could personally do to help. In contradiction with the time when life began, evidence abounds that many things have changed in our lives today compared to the past, starting with the things that are good and ending with those that are bad in our own eyes. What has changed is not limited to certain people and variables only, but applies to many, if not all. The changes have happened in many areas, including our behaviour, ideas, ambitions, expectations, plans and results, etc. Yet, human nature tells us that all people’s desire is to live longer, to be happy and enjoy life. There is nothing wrong with this. Perhaps this is a God-given desire. But, if you carefully look at people’s lives today, you will see that many of us are living the opposite. People don’t live long as they wish and true happiness is rare. So often, many people die at a very young age, making every Saturday a burial day. Let me make a turn around here, not too long ago, one year or two would pass by and not even a single person died in a village. Children respected any elder person. Some years ago, we were at peace and there were little disturbances in nature, with no signs of war, but today is the opposite. In all honesty, nearly all biblical prophecies which were prophesied to occur before the Lord’s return have started taking place. Among them is this one: ‘The human race will have the ability to exterminate itself’. As a measure of security today, more than seven states in the world have developed and stockpiled hydrogen bombs that can annihilate all living things on earth. There is no doubt, the world is at stake. I, therefore, urge all my fellow Namibians to be ready for the Lord’s coming. I encourage all people to wake up and make the right decision of finding God now while there is still time. Let us stop being ignorant and live accordingly. The end of time is near. Life is getting tougher and tougher every day. We are living in the last minutes, if not the last seconds. We have to be thankful for that which tells our hearts that we can change. Let us not miss the time of our visitation, as happened to the Israelites. Let’s not be ignorant of this call. It will save us from the wrath of God. My last advice to all is to please pray before you sleep, you might not wake up. Pray before you start driving, you might not arrive. Repent and learn to pray now. There will be no time to do so when that day arrives. Find a position to worship the Lord. A position without God is a dangerous position. Let us do what is required of us to find Him. Judgment Day is real. Get ready and prepare. The Lord is coming. He will not be delayed. He is coming soon! Christian Mukuve English and Thimbukushu lecturer UNAM, Rundu Campus
2016-07-29 11:56:22 2 years ago
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