• September 20th, 2018
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Protest over Western Sahara


The Namibian branch of the Pan-African Women’s Organisation-Southern Africa (Pawo-Saro), a frontrunner of the African Union, on Friday handed a petition to the UN Country Representative Kiki Gbeho at UN House voicing their discontent and utter umbrage towards Morocco’s intransigence over Western Sahara and the glaring flouting of the International Court of Justice decision and numerous AU and UN resolutions on the matter, and also made a few demands. The group has called on UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon that a referendum be held by February 2017/18 for the people of Western Sahara to determine their own destiny in a ballot specified by a number of AU resolutions and the UN Security Council Resolution 690 (1991), in which it was resolved that a referendum of “self-determination be held at a specified date not later than February 1992”. They claimed that 24 years have passed while the world has been paralyzed, while the abstentions of some UN Security Council members have ignored the desperate pleas of the colonized and oppressed Saharawi people. The petition will be forwarded to the office of Ban-ki in New York.
2016-08-02 10:45:20 2 years ago
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