• October 18th, 2018
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Industry Loop: No car? If yes, AVOID these venues!

There are certain venues in Windhoek that are hazardous for a reveler. Let us, for today ignore the historical importance of some of these venues and simply allow the reality of facts to dictate our dialogue. KCAC KCAC is a fantastic venue for day events but not night events. The lack of sufficient lighting in the parking area, and seeming lack of a security personnel justifies this venues’ appearance on this list of venues to avoid in Windhoek. For the reveler who does not have a car, getting a taxi at night outside that venue can be tricky. A lack of taxi traffic will force you to walk to the main road en route to Hakana Service or to the circle adjacent to Katutura Shoprite. That in itself can present a series of dangers as that area is extremely quiet and bushy. Katutura Complex Stadium I highlighted the inadequateness of this venue a few weeks ago on this very platform. This venue is notoriously known to have crappy lighting or in some cases, a COMPLETE ABSENCE OF LIGHT! Again, the venue would make perfect sense for a day event. However the venue can also proof tricky for one who is set to attend a function on foot.  The stadium is dangerously situated at the back of the complex. That means if you are on foot, you are greeted by bushes and open spaces with no lighting! During the day, that might not be much of an issue but at night, walking to or from that stadium could easily be mistaken for a scene taken from the horror movie Freddy VS Jason! Safari Court If you do not have a car or with someone that has a car to help you with a lift, DO NOT GO TO Safari Court for any reason! Safari Court is a fantastic venue, do not get me wrong. It’s just not convenient for someone without a car. Because taxi traffic is zero at the gate of the court, you are forced to walk to the highway. Again, at night…this could proof dangerous as the areas nearby are bushy. The fact that it is a highway naturally puts your safety at the mercy of speeding drivers. My advice to revelers without cars who would, for one or other reason, need to attend events at the said venues at night would be to plan thoroughly. Make sure you have a ride. Never be alone and STAY AT BLOODY HOME if you did not come right with either of the above mentioned. Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM Song of the week: Dr. H: Ek dalla die shandi Flop of the week: Jay Five: I love it Need sound and a DJ for your event?? Contact NSK for a quote at naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
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