• September 23rd, 2018
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Meatco geared up for US exports

National, Front Page News
National, Front Page News

Windhoek The Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) has until September 12 to ensure that all systems are revisited at plant and national level before exports to the lucrative US markets begin. This follows almost six years since Meatco began with the application process, the corporation yesterday announced. With Meatco being added to the Federal Register on July 13 for approval by the Food Safety and Inspection Services of the United States’ Department of Agriculture (FSISUSDA), Namibia can now officially export to that country, the corporate communication officer of Meatco, Undamuje Hambira, yesterday confirmed to New Era. Hambira says under the final approval agreements, Meatco will be exporting boneless raw beef products like primal cuts and beef trimmings as well as chuck and blade. “This also means that we can export both chilled and frozen boneless meat (excluding offal) to that country. The strategy for this particular market is to target the fast food industry and franchises like McDonald’s, to provide maximum returns for Meatco and our producers,” he said. According to Meatco, this is another niche market that has opened, “giving us more options to maximise our returns for producers. The additional market gives Meatco the opportunity to streamline our cuts and make sure we position the right product, in the right market, at the right time.” With this new logistical route, Meatco needs to ensure cost effectiveness and time management at all times. “Logistics and freight must be as simple as possible, because it will be of no use if a specific market cannot deliver higher prices/returns for our products.” Meatco has been maintaining and improving its quality, hygiene standards, systems and procedures throughout, in order to access prime markets like the US.
2016-08-05 11:31:36 2 years ago
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