• September 18th, 2018
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YPS, an artist with a vision


Windhoek Multi-genre singer Petrus Salim Shonghela, popularly known as YPS, may be regarded as an upcoming musician by some, but the real YPS has a vision that can be put on par with such established household names as Gazza and The Dogg. Passion and love for music come first in his motivation, and delivering is what drives him to stay focused. After penetrating the industry a few years back as a solo artist, YPS has his mind on giving what music lovers like. He joined the music scene in 2009 and ever since has shown no intent of stopping. The singer of Oviritje, Afro-pop and House genres says music has no limit. Although he never thought he will make it one day, hard work has given him courage to be where he is today as a singer loved by fans. Born in Olupito, Okalongo in the Omusati Region, YPS says ever since young he had always wanted to be the next Michael Jackson, hence trying here and there, until he started focusing on traditional and cultural songs, later realising he is best at writing his own lyrics. Two years ago, YPS decided to work on his debut album titled Ndeshipondola, which means “I made it”. The album was released end last year, started making waves this year and is currently enjoying massive airplays. He worked with producers such as Araffat (T7 Studio), Sheekeni Thunder X International Studio, Glo and Mbombota of New Light Studio on the album. It features artists like Pezicco, Dama MoniQue and Sheekeni. The album consists of 12 songs. “This album is dedicated to every Namibian citizen and to all the tribes that are in Namibia,” says YPS. This year, YPS was nominated in the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) in the category of Best Oviritje with his hit song Ondadjile Kokule featuring Dama Monique. “This song is all about where we came from, so we don’t forget where we are from, even though people are suffering or their living style is poor,” says YPS. His aim is follow in the footsteps of his inspirer, Michael Jackson.
2016-08-08 12:00:31 2 years ago
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