• November 19th, 2018
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Suspect faints in court over N$6 500 bail

Windhoek A young woman, who admitted she stole jewellery worth N$71 000 from her employer, fainted in court yesterday after she heard her bail amount was set at N$6 500. Cathleen Xamses, 27, made a second appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court on a charge of theft. During her first appearance on August 3, the magistrate was locked in a judicial conference and her case was simply postponed by the clerk acting on behalf of the magistrate, who only explained her legal rights to her and then postponed the matter to yesterday for the magistrate to preside over the matter. Magistrate Tatelo Cuthbert Lusepani yesterday informed Xamses of her rights and the accused opted to apply for legal aid. She indicated that she intends to plead guilty to the charge and only wants a lawyer to mitigate on her behalf. After Public Prosecutor Ivann Tjizu proposed bail of N$10 000, the woman pleaded with the court and said she can only afford bail of N$5 000. She told the court she has two children, a nine-year-old in school and a one-year-and-three-month-old toddler at home, who is still drinking formula milk. According to Xamses, she was employed as a domestic worker with a monthly income of N$2 000 until the time of her arrest. After the magistrate lowered the bail to N$6 500, Xamses summarily fainted. When she came to she informed the magistrate she suffers from low blood pressure. When this reporter met up with the woman outside the courtroom she was crying uncontrollably and was being comforted by an elderly gentleman, probably her grandfather. According to the annexure to the charge sheet, Xamses stole one wedding band valued at N$5 000, a Kruger rand and chain, worth N$25 000, one bracelet valued at N$8 000, a cross valued at N$3 000, a necklace and pendant valued at N$10 000, as well as two necklaces with pendant diamonds valued at N$10 000, all the lawful property of Candido Dos Ramos. The incident reportedly happened on July 29 in Klein Windhoek. Xamses’ case was yesterday postponed to September 16 to allow her time to secure legal aid.
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2016-08-09 12:47:42 2 years ago

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