• September 26th, 2018
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Lüderitz learners urged to study harder


Lüderitz Grade 10 and 12 learners from Namib circuit in /Karas Region gathered at Lüderitz Junior Secondary School last Friday for a motivational session conducted by motivational speaker Saki Nikodemus. The learners came from from Bethanie - Schmelenville Combined School, Rosh Pinah – Tsau //Khabe Senior Secondary School, Angra Pequena Senior Secondary School and Lüderitz Junior Secondary School. They converged on Lüderitz Junior Secondary School Hall, where the motivational speaker encouraged them to study hard in order for them to fulfil their dreams. The session was held from August 3 – 6 and was sponsored by Namport. During the session, Nikodemus advised learners to study for success, and to have a clear compelling dream. He encouraged them to pay attention in class, to take good notes, make studying a habit, and to ask about the examination format. He furthermore encouraged them to limit outings and socialising and to switch off social media during their study period. Nikodemus advised learners that it is never too late for those who did not start yesterday to study for their examinations. Regional director of education, arts and culture Johannes //Hoeseb applauded Namport for sponsoring the session. //Hoeseb also encouraged learners to take education seriously and to choose education as the key to their success. Fredrika Daniel, the Lüderitz Namport HR officer, stated Namport has created a platform for the communities in which they operate where community members can voice their concerns and benefit from Namport operations. Daniel further indicated that education is one of the initiatives focused on by the Namport Social Investment Fund.        
2016-08-16 11:49:40 2 years ago
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