• September 18th, 2018
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Teachers, cops, soldiers to benefit from 284 NHE houses


Windhoek The National Housing Enterprise (NHE), a state owned enterprise (SOE) mandated to construct houses for low and middle-income inhabitants, and which finances the housing needs for such inhabitants, will in a week’s time hand over 284 houses it built at Eenhana at a cost of N$112 million. The manager of corporate communication and marketing at NHE, Eric Libongani, confirmed the housing handover planned for Eehnana next week on Tuesday. It will take place at a ceremony to be attended by the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Sophia Shaaningwa, and the new CEO of the NHE, Gisbertus Mukulu. The houses constructed by China Jiangxi International Namibia (Pty) Ltd for N$88 million comprise of 246 core and 38 conventional houses in what Libongani affirmed was one of the largest housing projects undertaken in terms of scope and recently initiated and funded by the housing parastatal. Libongani said the first phase involving the servicing of the land on which the houses were built was done by Namibia Cleaning Chemicals Solutions CC at a cost of N$23 million. The entire housing project took 24 months to complete and during the servicing of the land and the actual construction of these houses 140 jobs were created, of which 120 jobs benefitted locals. In response to a question on the type of occupants for the newly constructed housing units, the NHE corporate communication manager said members of the police, Namibia Defence Force (NDF) soldiers, teachers and the self-employed in the small and medium enterprise sector will benefit. Though he was also quick to state: “You will also find these clients are from all over Namibia, not necessarily the inhabitants of Eenhana (in Ohangwena Region).”
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