• September 21st, 2018
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Van Rhyn busy turning its school area into a Permaculture garden

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Windhoek Donovan Wagner, Stephan Eins, Ina Shikongo and Moritz von Hase with the support of learners, parents and teachers as well as the wider community are busy transforming the rocky and barren school grounds of Van Rhyn into a resilient Permaculture food garden. This is with the help of the Eloolo Permaculture Initiative that has been facilitating the process. The Eloolo Permaculture Initiative hosted their third free community gardening workshop at van Rhyn Primary School last Saturday thus facilitating a Permaculture at the school. “Our mission is to support fellow Namibians in their strive to become more sustainable, ensure food security and overcome water scarcity with rain water harvesting techniques. Permaculture has all the solutions for an abundant human ecosystem, no matter what challenges we are facing and we are keen to share our knowledge with likeminded people,” states von Hase. The main aim of the workshop was to complete the earthworks such as swales (ditches on contour line). Why do we need swales? Swales mitigate storm water runoff. Swales are an easier way to catch rain than a tank or barrel. Swales are more efficient than tanks or barrels. Swales build self-sustaining ecosystems. Swales are used to store water in the landscape whilst also combating erosion by keeping rainwater on-site. Trees are planted on the lower side of the swale, which will reduce any watering to a bare minimum (only whilst establishing the tree), and after a few years the landscape is transformed into a resilient, food producing eco system! Eloolo Permaculture Initiative is also delivering Permaculture curriculum sessions at Van Rhyn PS to complement their applied garden design in the school. The goal is to demonstrate the potential of Permaculture in a school environment with specific focus on food production and rain water harvesting. NEO Paints, CTM, Keding Horse Stables and CoW/Parks Division were instrumental in supporting the initiative at van Rhyn including donations. If you like to participate, support or need some consulting, please get in touch with Moritz von Hase 081- 3484 750, moritz.espen@gmail.com or visit the Namibian Permaculture Facebook..
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