• October 20th, 2018
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Time Out
Time Out

Entertainers need to understand that there is a huge difference between radio and a live audience. Radio will never have issues with playing your song in full. However, a live audience will have issues with sitting through a full song. Less is ALWAYS more with a live audience. I have noticed that there are some entertainers who perform a song out in full to an audience. Majority of these entertainers are upcoming. That means there is a 100% chance that the audience is not familiar with the song. Now imagine, the pain people have to go through listening to you mumble, huff and puff on stage for a good four to five minutes to a song that they are not even familiar with?You know what’s the worse? When they perform more than one song…in FULL! #Chestpains It’s not a pretty sight. Sober people will probably use that opportunity to quickly reply to a text or grab some snacks. Intoxicated people will downright become vocal of their annoyance at your performance. Truth of the matter is, people want to sing along. Music is about creating moments. Trust me, you do not want your song to be associated with that moment that everybody walked out or found you downright boring with a performance that felt like a couple of light years. Here is what the Industry Loop suggests. Every song has a favourite part. Identify that part in your songs. Create a performance mix that includes these parts and perform the living Mariah the Ghost out of it! I am one to always frown on recorded vocals for a performance song. Simply because it restricts you to JUST the lyrics. With recorded vocals on a performance song, you can’t tailor your performance to your audience. A bit of tailoring adds that feel good moment to your performance slot. However, I do not want to be listening to radio and be punished with a performance mix. It won’t make sense as a performance mix will only come to live with visuals. Radio is supposed to give you that opportunity to appreciate the full aura of a song while you are in your right state of mind. I also noticed that certain quarters of our artistry is obsessed with performing new songs to a live audience. Bad move omes. Don’t do it. Unless you are Gazza, Sally, Oteya, Exit or Dogg, do not do it! Again, that is why radio is there. Put your new song on radio. Let that song breath for a few months on radio before hitting the audience with a new song. It just never goes right. You will either get little or no response from the audience. Not that the song is bad, the song might be freaking brilliant. But then again, music is about moments. And nobody has time for a new song while drunk, high and partying in an audience. People want to sing along while they are in that party vibe. Not listen to new things. Nobody has time for that. Submit your new song to radio and let it air for a few months before taking it live. Remember, with a performance….LESS IS MORE! Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM Song of the week: Dj El-Nino: My life Flop of the week: Alvin: Akuna Are you going to have a stand at the Ongwediva Trade Fair and in need of a brand activator? Contact NSK for a quote at naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
2016-08-25 11:33:06 2 years ago
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