• September 25th, 2018
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Elderly live in deplorable conditions


Oshakati Councillor of Uukwiyu-Uushona Constituency Andreas Amundjindi is concerned about the high number of neglected pensioners who live in deplorable situations, despite receiving a monthly social grant of N$1 100 from government. According to Amundjindi, some pensioners are unable to collect their pension money from the receiving points, while others do not have access to shops to secure basic goods. The constituency councillor is pleading with family members to take better care of pensioners. “Some of these people are really old and can hardly do anything for themselves. I’m appealing to the community to find caretakers for the elderly,” Amundjindi said. According to him, some of the pensioners that he has visited are living in extreme poverty. He said while some have at least one meal per day, others go to bed without a meal daily. In addition, there are those who were in the past attacked by perpetrators demanding money. “This is a risky trend. We need to ensure the absolute safety of our people. Storing money at home is not safe, because it exposes them (the elderly) to criminals,” said Amundjindi. Meanwhile, at a public meeting in Oshana in May, residents of that town overwhelming supported the motion to construct old-age homes for vulnerable pensioners in the region. The proposal to establish new old-age homes around the country was tabled by DTA Member of Parliament Elma Jane Dienda. One of the concerns raised was that pensioners’ social grants are often abused and used to meet young people’s needs, while the pensioners are left to endure social isolation and economic deprivation. Apart from prioritising the welfare of pensioners, Amundjindi said the constituency office through the Oshana Regional Council has also prioritised electrifying all growth points in the constituency.
2016-09-07 09:44:10 2 years ago
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