• September 21st, 2018
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New tourney to showcase young footallers’ skills

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Windhoek To ensure that youthful skills and talents are recognised, the Wellness Soccer - in partnership with Amushe Inc - are hosting a youth tournament at Academia High School in Windhoek on September 25. Jabulani Ncube, the chief organiser of the tournament, says it will feature six teams from around Windhoek. “We’ve been working with a variety of youths throughout the year, holding various soccer training sessions,” says Ncube, adding that the tournament serves to encourage young people to seriously consider sports, like soccer, as a career opportunity, because it is not everyone is talented academically. “We believe our youths can be given opportunities to be registered by academies. They can also enhance their careers in Europe, as well. We’re seeking to give them those opportunities,” says Ncube. He adds that youth need to be kept active, so that they do not involve themselves in mischief. “We work with the youth, because we believe in their potential as future leaders in all spheres and aspects of life. We’ve teamed up with Major Village, a community-based group involved in promoting various youth projects,” he notes. He adds that the tournament will give young people exposure to talent scouts, scouting for local soccer teams in Namibia. “That would catapult them to playing for the national team one day and give them the exposure to play abroad,” says Ncube. “To reward the youth for their commitment at training sessions and the other tournaments we hosted earlier this year there will be a gala awards ceremony on the same day,” he noted. The winner of the tournament will get a floating trophy, medals for each team member and vouchers. The second winner will get a floating trophy and medals for each team member. The third will get medals for each team member, while the fourth and fifth will get vouchers. The last team will get certificate of appreciation.
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