• October 17th, 2018
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FNB, council, learners clean up Rundu

Kavango West
Kavango West

Rundu The head of community services at Rundu Town Council, Fransiska Thikerete, applauded a cleaning campaign initiative by the Rundu branch of FNB that, with residents’ assistance, collected garbage lying uncollected in the centre of town. Rundu over the past months has been having problems with contractors, who agreed to collect refuse in town and residential areas, but have failed in their duty leaving the town dirty, as they do not collect refuse on time. Rubbish has thus been blown around town by the wind creating an eyesore to visitors. Thikerete, who also joined the cleaning campaign, commended FNB for the initiative saying it is the way to go. “We know as stakeholders in Rundu, as residents, business fraternity of the town of Rundu it’s our responsibility, every one of us has to take the lead as the town council cannot keep or maintain the cleanliness of the town on their own.” According to Thikerete, what some children, residents and FNB did within three hours of last Saturday was magnificent. “We want to urge all institutions of our town to emulate this good example. At least 3 hours of a Saturday will make a difference, they should not leave this solely to the Rundu Town Council. We are calling them on board to assist the town like what FNB did. As residents, we should have it in our hearts to keep our town clean, not to litter,” she added. “Initiatives such as this cleaning campaign are part of our drive to be a great Namibian business in creating a better world. FNB has pledged to look after the environment and Namibia’s people as part of its people, planet and partnership strategy,” explained the Lifestyle Consultant at FNB Rundu branch, Abongile Mpikwa. First National Bank (FNB) with the support of the community on Saturday held a cleaning campaign in the central business district of Rundu. During the cleaning exercise Mpikwa told New Era that with the cleaning campaign FNB hopes residents will be encouraged to keep the river town as well as their surrounding environment clean. “We want residents to look after the local environment to ensure sustainability in the area. Responsibility should also mean taking action and being accountable for what is happening around you,” Mpikwa added. Rundu Secondary School and Andreas Kandjimi Primary School learners assisted in the cleaning, while System Pub and New Thoughts Investment provided trucks to move the refuse to the dumping site. Other entities that supported FNB’s initiative were Vonke Electrical, 066 Lounge and Paradise Supermarket, to name a few, and some individuals also supported the campaign. Various supporters provided refreshments and cleaning materials like gloves and plastics (refuse bags) to the participants during the cleaning exercise. “We thank everyone who joined us for the 2 to 3 hours of the Saturday morning. We appreciate it and the Rundu Town Council staff that joined us as well as the police for also guiding and providing safety throughout the activity,” Mpikwa said.
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