• September 19th, 2018
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Nehova in scrap over house, livestock

National, Front Page News
National, Front Page News

Ongwediva Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) member Kandy Nehova stands accused of evicting one family from their home after claiming the house was bequeathed to him. Despite Nehova alleging the house is rightfully his the children whose parents apparently bequeathed their home to Nehova insist they are the rightful owners, and have even produced some customary land rights documents to support their case. Tresia Shafooli, whom the house was allegedly given to after her mother passed away in 2008, claims Nehova wants her to move away and has offered her a separate house that is worth N$250 000 and located on the same plot. According to Shafooli, besides Nehova’s claims the house was left to him, he also refuses to give up two thatched dormitories he built in the house. “Nehova is no relative, it’s just our parents who knew him and he came to the house because he had no place to stay after the liberation struggle and had, at the time, asked my parents to accommodate him,” explained Shafooli. Furthermore, Shafooli alleges that Nehova had at the time informed her he was building a place for his family to stay when they visit and also as appreciation to the late Rosalia Mululu for allowing him to stay in their house. In addition to the tug-of-war over the house, Shafooli further accuses Nehova of relocating her cattle from the Namibia-Angolan border further into Angola. According to Shafooli, she only later learned that Nehova had organised that their livestock be relocated. “We were supposed to meet to divide the livestock because my livestock was moved alongside his, but that did not happen,” said Shafooli. New Era is in possession of the land ownership documents of the plot in question as well as a sworn declaration of when the livestock was moved into Angola. According to Shafooli, she lodged a case with the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority –however, amidst that, Nehova also went to open case CR 116/10/2013 with the high court, which is still ongoing. Shafooli said she has not been at peace since 2010 when Nehova allegedly started with claims that her then parental home belongs to him. Shafooli refuses to barge from a house she has known all her life simply to hand to an “estranged visitor”. When contacted, Nehova refused to comment but referred this reporter to his lawyer. “The story is in the court, I cannot comment unless you approach my lawyer,” said Nehova.
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