• October 18th, 2018
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Industry Loop: Forms of Arts

Time Out
Time Out

Google says that art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Like I always say, definitions need to be Namibianised! In Namibia, art is an artist who sings nice “music”. That’s that! No long stories! Opuwo! Kama expression of human creative skill blah blah blah those things do not exist in Namibia man! Or so the ordinary man on the street reckons! Recently I embarked on a social experiment to breathe life into my theory. What’s the theory you ask? I believe that Namibians do not understand that there are other forms of arts. Namibians only know artist…the guy who says “everybody say scream” on a stage at some dodgy pageant in Okahao! I recently asked on my personal Facebook account: “Who is the best female dancer currently?” Ninety percent (90%) of those who commented attributed their assessment to artists. In simple words, 90% of them commented with artists names. I don’t blame them at all for not knowing that there is a difference between a dancer and a musician. Mainstream media is largely to be blamed for this. Mainstream entertainment journalists who are fixated on reporting only on musicians. There is but a handful if not limited journalists who go out of the way to report on different forms of art that exists in Namibia. Industry Loop salutes your efforts. However, every Friday when you scroll through entertainment sections, you will find 80% of the content dedicated to musicians. Does this mean that musicians have more of an important role than other forms of arts in the country? Dancers, MCs, activators, DJs, Radio Presenters, Speed Painter/Drawers, Sculptures, and Actors, etc. do not matter neh? Well, the status quo is that Dancers, MCs, Activators, DJ’s, Radio Presenters, Speed Painter/Drawers, Sculptures and Actors etc. do not matter. A snap conversation with any of these different forms of artists will reveal that they have even been rejected by entertainment reporters for not being “important enough” to be covered. Not important enough to who ano?! It is high time Namibians, including entertainment reporters understand that there are other forms of arts that exist in this country. They are important to the market they serve. This same market picks up a newspaper. This same market switches on the TV to watch either the national broadcaster or the private TV channel. This same market listens to radio. So not “important enough” excuse does not hold water. The responsibility rests well on the mainstream media to educate Namibians that there are other forms of arts that can be as equally entertaining as a musician shaking their booty on stage! These people are important. If there were no dancers, musicians would look like headless chickens on stage. Musicians would be nothing without activators who use their music to breathe life into brands. Musicians would be irrelevant if Djs would not use their music to mix in clubs, bars, etc. Musicians would be nonexistent without Radio Presenters. And so the chain continues. Hence let us acknowledge the IMPORTANT work other forms of art does to entertain the ordinary Namibian. Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM Song of the week: Shameless Culture: No Love Flop of the week: Kwaito Lager: Shake your body Are you going to have a stand at the Windhoek Show and in need of an MC to bring your product/service to life? Contact NSK for a quote at naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
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