• September 21st, 2018
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Sea view shopping centre planned for Lüderitz


Lüderitz Government fully supports a raft of developments that would radically transform the skyline of Lüderitz through the second phase of its waterfront development, including a sea view shopping centre, a state-of-the-art medical centre and an entertainment plaza. The planned developments are tailor-made for Lüderitz residents, for the inhabitants of the //Karas Region, as well as for thousands of tourists flocking to this part of the country. Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises Engel Nawatiseb stated in a speech delivered on his behalf by the director for governance and financial advice in the Ministry of Public Enterprises, Tjiuee Kaura, at the launch of Lüderitz Waterfront penthouses and luxury apartments that form part of the second phase of Lüderitz Waterfront Development. In the statement read on Tuesday, Nawatiseb commended the leadership of Lüderitz Waterfront for their foresight and commitment towards attaining their development objectives and fulfilling their mandate. Nawatiseb urged all those who seek comfort and luxury to do the right thing by grabbing the opportunity presented by this development, as opportunities such as this may not be as readily available in future. He further said the Lüderitz Waterfront penthouses and luxury apartments provide opportunities for those with the financial means to to acquire top quality properties around the beautiful harbour town of Lüderitz. The residential development involves the construction of high quality modern waterfront residential apartments. An opportunity exists for interested parties to purchase one of three executive waterfront penthouses and 13 luxury apartments. Nawatiseb said the transformation of the Old Power Station into a multi-purpose facility has now become a flagship of the Lüderitz Waterfront, that focuses on the development of Namibia University of Science and Technology Satellite Campus, Sport Centre and Maritime Museum, which in his view would provide a major boost for increased tourism. CEO of Lüderitz Waterfront Development Company Fluksman Samuehl said over the past few years they have been working very hard as a team to bring together the best ideas and achieve a consensus insofar as possible. He said the development of Lüderitz Waterfront is well on track and thanked the board and consultants for their professional and technical contributions. “History books provide us with a full account of how our town developed at different stages of its existence. “In some sectors of our society, perceptions are still associating Lüderitz town with strong winds, too far from the centre and the so-called ghost town, offering less or nothing for visitors,” he stated, noting that the town is fast entering a new era and is redefining itself as an investment destination that offers a new experience. With the completion of the second phase development, Lüderitz will join the elite towns in Namibia, he opined. Samuehl further explained that their aim is to create a vibrant, accessible, inclusive waterfront with an incredible range of tourist attractions, interesting beach activities and lifestyle offerings. He said they are building a waterfront that will be a popular attraction for tourists and a source of recreation for local residents, as well as a public asset for everyone to enjoy.
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