• September 21st, 2018
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Pumping water to Uuvudhiya progresses

National, Front Page News
National, Front Page News

Ongwediva Water being pumped by national water utility NamWater from Olushandja-Uuvudhiya Constituency to aid the supply of water to communal farmers along the canal has already reached parts of the constituency, it was confirmed this week. According to Constituency Councillor Amutenya Ndahafa, parts of his constituency have already started to benefit from the added supply. “Although the water still has a long way to go before it caters for the whole community we are happy that some livestock already have access to the water,” said Ndahafa. At the beginning of August NamWater excavated the canal and started pumping water into it to relieve the plight of communal farmers along the canal, who have been hardest-hit by the drought. The water will assist communities at Uunkolonkadhi, Uukwaluudhi, Ongandjera, as well as Uuvudhiya Constituency, which accommodates thousands of cattle. The water will be pumped a distance of about 130 km from the Olushandja Dam near Ruacana. Although the water is expected to fill at least four dams at Uuvudhiya, four others along the canal have been opened to receive water to assist the surrounding communities. At the time Namwater commenced with the pumping of water, head of corporate communications at NamWater Johannes Shigwedha said the volume at Olushandja Dam has been increased with the aim of relieving the plight of farmers. Ndahafa said farmers survived by digging wells to secure water for their livestock and themselves over the past few months, but believes the water woes in the constituency are almost a thing of the past. “We’re really happy that soon the distances travelled by livestock to get water will be cut short. Although the water will not be close to everyone it is at least something to be grateful for,” Ndahafa said.
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