• November 14th, 2018
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CEO disputes news report


Keetmanshoop The chief executive officer of Lüderitz, Aunie Gideon, has denied claims the town council summoned and gave her a directive to put her house in order within seven days or possibly face the boot. A reliable source close to the town council informed New Era last week that the council took issue with Gideon.Councillors had allegedly expressed their dissatisfaction with her overall performance, alleged mismanagement of funds and alleged corrupt practices within the administrative team. She was allegedly requested to get her house in order within seven working days and provide satisfactory explanations on various issues. Contacted for comment on the alleged meeting, Gideon was dismissive, denying such a meeting between her and the council ever took place. In a reply to a set of questions sent to her through email, she stated that no meeting ever took place where her performance was discussed. “I hereby confirm that no meeting took place between me and the council where my performance or underperformance was discussed,” she elaborated, adding “nor did I receive any letter from council relating to my performance or non-performance.” Gideon’s response is however in conflict with that of Calvin Mwiya, the chairperson of the town council’s management committee. He informed New Era that such a meeting had taken place but was not related to any corrupt activities, but just on the underperformance of the CEO and her team. Mwiya indicated that the said meeting was on the execution of Gideon’s duties, noting that the council expects her to carry out her duties as stipulated in her contract. “Council decided to do this because days are moving and we are yet to see anything that she has done,” he stated, adding: “We want the administration to work hard and deliver services to the people.” The town’s mayor Hilaria Mukapuli was reluctant to talk to New Era about the said meeting when contacted for comment, saying she was unaware of the issue and referred this reporter to the CEO. “Maybe she can elaborate on why she was given the letter,” she added. Asked how she as mayor was unaware of the issue while other members of the council have confirmed that such a meeting had taken place, she simply replied, “My dear, no comment from my side.”
New Era Reporter
2016-09-30 09:34:12 2 years ago

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