• December 17th, 2018
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Shilimela employs 50 WMN members


Oshakati Local businessman Banda Shilimela has given jobs to unemployed members of the Women and Men Network (WMN), which is a voluntary crime-fighting organization working with the police. Yesterday Shilimela informed WMN volunteers his firm in Oshana would immediately employ 50 members and employ more in future. Shilimela, who put the onus on WMN members to carry out the selection process themselves, said the selected group is expected to undergo training immediately and be posted at various duty stations. “We have our training academy and they will be provided with food and accommodation,” he explained. He called on other local business people as well as government and governmental agencies to emulate his example. According to Silimela, the fact that some people opted to be volunteers just for the love of their country is an indication WMN members are unique, hard-working, passionate and honest. According to Shilimela, his company employs at least 4 000 people locally and 303 others are based in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Shilimela was accompanied by retired former commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa, who is now his special advisor on security matters. WMN was established in Oshana in 2009 and is Kashihakumwa’s brainchild. The retired commissioner served as Oshana regional police commander until last year. Other regions later followed suit when they established associations of community security volunteers with the help of Oshana Region. “Just because I am retired does not mean that I stopped being productive or I have given up on my civic duties as a citizen of this country, or I have turned my back on the safety and security of my country,” said Kashihakumwa.
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