• December 9th, 2018
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Shitana launches fifth album

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek Local inspirational singer, Frederick Shitana, popularly known as Lt Shitana, is launching his fifth 18-track album at the Dubai Lounge in Katutura tomorrow. The album titled, Konima Yonguto Ihakuhondamwa, meaning whatever you do in the dark will always come to light. On the album the singer sings about things happening around the world such as poverty, violence and corruption. “The album is also aimed at giving advice to orphans in order for them not to give up on their lives, and for them to keep pushing even when there is no one to help them,” he says. The Lieuteant adds that it took him nine month to complete, given the creativity that went into it. “When one is listening to this album, you can really see that the album is more mature. This is not a danceable album but to give advice to people,” says he. The album is more about motivating and healing broken hearts. “One just needs to listen to the album carefully to get the messages of all the songs,” says he. The Soukous/Kwasa, Gospel, Kwaito and Dancehall album is featuring big names such as Promise, Maj Beatz, Satlam, Trace Lee and produced by Glo, Young T, Vlo, Flame, Maj Beatz and Agusto Epuka. The hit songs include Okatongo (Discrimination) featuring Promise. With the song the singer is advocating equality of the people despite their different tribes. With another song on the album Momayeleko, the singer is praying with  God to help people not to be victims of accidents. Another hot song is Epangelo, featuring Exit. “All these years, I have been experiencing that each and every album I dropped has been coming with its own version and originality. I hope this album will inspire a lot of fans and I am targeting to sell 19 000 copies,” he says. Lt Shitana invites fans to the show in big numbers for them to get a taste of his new music. The CD sells at the entrance. Satlam, Kamati, Yashe Tati Pii and many others set the stage for Lt Shitana.  Entrance is N$ 40 and the show starts at eight O’clock (20H00) in the evening.
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2016-09-30 14:34:22 2 years ago

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