• November 16th, 2018
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Taps run dry at first Katutura beer festival


Windhoek The 500 year anniversary of the Rheinheitsgebot, Namibia Breweries Limited’s recipe for brewing beer from natural ingredients, saw the taps running dry as hundreds of beer lovers swamped Sam Nujoma Stadium to consume what could easily have been hundreds of megalitres of the frothy brew. The event, courtesy of Events Namibia, also doubled as the first-ever Katutura Beer Festival and saw thousands sipping on arguably one of Namibia’s favourite drinks, unhindered by the scorching sun, from which a large white and yellow tent provided much-needed shelter. In the house were some local disc jockeys Dj KFC, Dj Ambizzy and Cellos Deep. And as may be expected when good beer combines with good music and a crowd of young, spirited and carefree people, the stadium - used to jeering football fans - was temporarily transformed into a unique Namibian jamboree. Typically a Namibian thing the importance of which only a few outsiders would understand, the braai gurus had lined up their stands close to the big tent to ensure that beer was not consumed on empty stomachs. Succulent meat was on offer. With Meatco in the fray, meat lovers did not miss the opportunity to sink their teeth deep into prime A-grade cuts, usually reserved for foreign markets, like Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, and very soon the United States of America. Porridge, roasted bread, and much more were on offer. Despite a can of beer going for N$20, to the dismay of some, who had been looking forward to indulging in their favourite drink to the max, the taps soon ran dry. Tight security notwithstanding, another breed of festivalgoer with an agenda of its own saw many leaving in tears over their missing cellphones. Worse still, some partygoers had to leave when the situation started becoming unsafe due to the unruliness of some. But thanks to Young T, Orizza and Female Donkey, who delivered inimitable performances, the beer festival winded up on a high note when it turned into a dancing festival. Master of Ceremonies Che Ulenga deserves a mention for keeping the crowd going in between the acts and the DJs, as he ensured that the festive mood did not dissipate.
New Era Reporter
2016-10-03 13:08:04 2 years ago

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