• November 16th, 2018
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Query: I have applied for my project in 2007, but up to now my project is yet to receive funding. Response: With regard to Individual Veterans Projects (IVPs), all registered veterans started applying for IVPs in 2010 and the first approvals were concluded in 2011. It is therefore not true that the above author submitted his/her IVP application in 2007, when at the time Veterans Affairs did not even have an Act to guide its operations. Furthermore, if the above author submitted his/her application before the Veterans Act was in place, Veterans Affairs then urges the author to re-apply to the relevant office, which is Veterans Affairs. Veterans Affairs takes note of the concern of veterans regarding the time frame it takes in approving and funding Individual Veterans Projects. This shortcoming however, can solely be attributed to budget constraints as opposed to the number of veterans applying for payment of their projects. Query: Why does a veteran have to die before his/her dependants can benefit from the education grant? Response: The above statement is utter rubbish and far from the truth. All dependants of registered veterans can apply for the Education and Training Grant from the Veterans Fund through the Veterans Board to further their studies or obtain vocational skills training at centers and institutions of higher learning in order to improve their living conditions. According to the Veterans Act, all dependants of living veterans can apply to benefit from the Education and Training Grant, considering that the applicant is not older than 21 years of age. Veterans Affairs does not fund the studies of dependants of veterans who are pursuing a second qualification, while the actual registered veteran is eligible to be funded up to PHD level. Veterans Affairs encourages all veterans and dependants of veterans to regularly visit our Head and Regional offices to familiarise themselves with the programmes offered by Veterans Affairs. As mandated, Veterans Affairs will continue to pursue excellence in coordinating government’s efforts on all aspects related to addressing the plight of veterans and to ensure that their needs and aspirations are met. • Mr Edson Haufiku, Senior Public Relations Officer, Office of the Vice President: Veterans Affairs. Email: Edson.Haufiku@mova.gov.na
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2016-10-04 12:36:37 2 years ago

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