• September 23rd, 2018
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Cucashops along B1 to be demolished


Omuthiya All cucashops and residential properties located on a stretch along the B1 road between Oshivelo and Onethinge that breach the Road Building Restrictions of 45 metres will be demolished without any compensation once the rehabilitation of the road commences. Roads Authority’s chief engineering technician, Silas Titus Temba, who addressed around 40 headmen, men and women at the Constituency Councillor Office in Omuhtiya, advised them not to continue allocating land next to the roads to individuals to construct on, as they (headmen) will be responsible for paying compensation if they do. Temba said no buildings should be located within 30 metres either side of the white line of the roads and no structures should be within 45 metres of either side by the time the road is being upgraded. The B1 road stretches from Oshivelo to Ondangwa and is set to be upgraded to a dual carriage way next year, pending the finalisation of the detailed design. The feasibility study has already been completed. The move is aimed at easing traffic flow and reducing road accidents. “These people were informed long ago and know very well about the consequences. They just infringed upon the restricted boundaries and now they expect to be compensated and pretend as if they know nothing,” moaned Temba. “Once government gives a green light to the engineer to start we will demolish everything within the Road Building Restriction area without paying compensating to anyone. In 1993 I had sent some officials to mark the cucashops that were within the boundaries and they did so, but now see how many are located along the road. The number has increased. “My officials started roadmarking from Oshivelo to Ruacana and from Oshakati to Oshikango, so we are urging them to start moving,” Temba told New Era after he addressed the meeting with the headmen. The total cost of the envisaged upgrade is not yet known, because it can only be finally established upon completion of the detailed design, after which a tender can be announced and awarded. The meeting was also attended by officials of the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA), who cautioned the public against setting up housing or business structures next to the road, as it puts them in danger.
2016-10-07 11:06:04 1 years ago
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