• September 21st, 2018
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‘Struggle kids’ vandalise, lock Swapo office


Oshakati A group of men and women referred to as ‘struggle kids’ yesterday locked out Swapo staff and barred them from entering their workplace at Okandjengedhi, Oshana Region, This followed shortly after an episode of vandalism on Swapo Party offices allegedly at the hands of ‘struggle kids’. Though the group involved in the latest act of vandalism and intimidation of Swapo employees has not yet specified its demands, the group allegedly vowed to “shed some blood” by the 15th – of an unspecified month – if their demands are not met. According to Erastus Kapolo, Swapo Party regional coordinator for Oshana Region, the group’s riotous behaviour started on Wednesday when they held a petrified Kapolo and his staff hostage. Kapolo and his team were later rescued by the police. When they returned to work yesterday morning, Swapo personnel were greeted by locked gates and a group of ‘struggle kids’ that warned them not to enter the locked premises. The group had tied discarded old metal gates to the existing gates of the premises and the door of the office. Kapolo once again had to call the police to negotiate with the ‘struggle kids’ who only relented after the police spoke to them. Upon entering the premises, officials discovered that the office entrance was also blocked with old gates tied to burglar bars. The doors of both the male and female toilets outside the office were vandalized, allegedly by the group of ‘struggle kids’. About 100 children of the liberation struggle have been camping at Swapo offices. This group was left behind because they were not present when Swapo registered and sent their peers to Berg Aukas. This week the group became violent when a group from Berg Aukas visited them. The visiting group came to attend a court case following their arrest a few years go, after they had blocked the main road between Ongwediva and Oshakati, at Okandjengedi Bridge. New Era understands the case that was heard on Wednesday was thrown out of court. Oshana deputy regional commander Deputy Commissioner Karel Theron said he and his team were awaiting instructions from Swapo to see what further action could be taken. By yesterday afternoon Kapolo said he was still waiting for instructions from the party headquarters in Windhoek. The ‘struggle kids’ refused to comment on the matter but one of them said they felt “like the babies dumped by our mothers”.
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