• December 9th, 2018
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Over 200 students graduate from ZVTC

Education, Front Page News
Education, Front Page News

Katima Mulilo About 213 students graduated from Zambezi Vocational Training Centre in the Zambezi Region on Friday. The graduates received certificates ranging from level one to level three in the areas of bricklaying and plastering, clothing production, hospitality, office management, plumbing, pipe-fitting, welding and metal fabrication. Speaking at the graduation ceremony the Zambezi Regional Governor, Lawrence Sampofu, stressed that vocational education is the solution to empower the youth with much-needed knowledge, values and skills. He also highlighted that previously vocational education was not appealing to many individuals. However the governor believes that it has now become one of the steadily emerging front runners of national development. “I call upon many youths that are roaming around in our streets to apply to vocational training centres around the country so that they may be equipped with necessary skills to help better their lives and those of their families,” said Sampofu.
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2016-10-10 09:37:25 2 years ago

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