• September 24th, 2018
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St. Joel youths form think tank on Harambee


Windhoek The youth leadership of the St. Joel Apostolic Healing Mission Church has started a think tank among its structures to deliberate on, among other things, their role in the attainment of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), Vision 2030 and the National Development Plans (NDPs). Under the name the St. Joel Group Foundation, the think tank will consist of various experts, the church leadership, professionals and ordinary congregants who will be engaged in a three-phase strategy led by a technical committee. Over the weekend the first phase of these deliberations kicked off in Windhoek when the committee invited its current leader, Archbishop Theo Pura, his Bishops’ Council, the National Executive Committee of the church, the youth leadership, and professionals in various fields to gauge their views. An optimistic Kamburee Kahengava, who is the St. Joel Youth League’s president, spoke to New Era shortly after the meeting. He said the second phase of the consultations would take place at Epukiro, while the final process would involve consulting ordinary church members. “As youth we realised that we have a national duty to identify ourselves within the context of HPP, Vision 2030 and NDPs,” said Kahengava. “It is important for us to develop synergies on how we can make a difference towards our state achieving these important goals and national strategies to lead our country out of poverty and make it an industrialised nation able to take care of all her people.” “It is to that end we created this group. It will bring together various professionals from the different fields and sectors to be part of the group and share ways on how we can contribute towards achieving these national agendas and targets.” According to Kahengava, as a registered member of the Council of Churches in Namibia, ministry of trade and the Namibia Christian Apostles and Prophet Association umbrella body, St. Joel has a much bigger calling that goes beyond offerings and simply preaching. “The team of experts we engage are from the business community, sports gurus, music, teachers accounting and other academics. We came together in a room and discussed at length and breadth on how the church can complement government efforts in HPP, NDPs, Vision 2030 and other things.” He explained that this will inform the church in developing its operational strategy for the future, including articulating its position when engaging stakeholders. “After we compile these findings and discussions we will engage external experts and form a commission position, which will then be handed to the executive committee to implement as from February 4, 2017.” The church was formed by the late archbishop Petrus Kandovazu and priest Mama Vestorine Kanguatjivi who will be honoured next month at a remembrance festivity at Epukiro in the Omahake Region. It is at this event that the second phase of consultations will take place.
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