• September 24th, 2018
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Windhoek Show sees all-time low number of animals this year


Windhoek Only 259 cattle, represented by 30 breeders and nine breeds, were exhibited at last week’s annual Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show. This represents a reduction of ten breeders and 172 cattle, compared to last year. Eleven breeds of small stock for a total of 1 440 animals were entered for this year’s Windhoek Show, which is also a slight reduction compared to last year. This year’s entries represent a massive reduction when compared to 2014 entries. In that year, 108 breeders with a total of 1 800 animals competed for the coveted prizes. Of those animals entered, 1 295 were small stock belonging to 48 breeders while 60 breeders entered a total of 605 cattle. In 2013, 388 cattle were exhibited by 50 breeders while 41 breeders of small stock entered 1 131 animals. The year 2012 still stands out as the all-time record for the Windhoek Show when close to 1 800 animals were exhibited. The cattle breeds were represented this year by: Brahman (125), Simmentaler (56), Braunvieh (12), Simbra (35), Charolais (18), Sussex (4) and Afrikaner (7). In total 579 Boer Goats made it to the arena, while Kalahari Reds (83), Savanna (34), Indigenous goats (77). Damara sheep (147), Dorpers (14), White Dorpers (5), Van Rooys (262), Persian (115), Veldmaster (84) and Gelappers (40) made up the rest of the numbers.
2016-10-11 11:36:23 1 years ago
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