• September 24th, 2018
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Okalongo administrator to be removed from office


Outapi Omusati Regional Council has recommended that its control administrative officer, Amandus Kandowa, be removed from officewith immediate effect amid allegations of allocating land illegally without the recommendation of the Settlement Development Committee (SDC), as revealed by the council’s audit report. It is understood that among the allocated plots under investigation are plots allocated to the Swapo Party. The regional council thus issued a directive to the human resources department to remove Kandowa promptly and to conduct an official inquiry into the allegations against the control administrative officer. The recommendation was made by the chairperson of Omusati Regional Council, Modestus Amutse, at a meeting of regional councillors on Friday. Meanwhile, Kandowa will temporarily be relocated to another office. Amutse alluded though that with the ongoing disputes at Okalongo, the settlement has little prospect of further development under the current circumstances. According to the audit report, the plots that were recommended by the SDC to be allocated to Swapo Party have since been re-allocated to another company that is currently busy with construction. “There are eight plots allocated for the construction of the open market, but some of the plots are rumoured to be allocated/sold to a private local company. While about 18 plots were recommended to John Nauta,” stated the report. The report further indicates that there are several plots that have been allocated to more than one person. The council also made provision to look into concerns raised by the Okalongo Business Development Committee, among which the alleged illegal land allocations top the list.
2016-10-12 10:57:35 1 years ago
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