• September 23rd, 2018
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Capital awaits first ever Fashion Week

Time Out
Time Out

The Fashion Week, to be graced by two international designers, Paledi Segapo (South Africa) and Thembani (Zimbabwe), is further promising a local line-up mix of highly enthusiastic, creative and dynamic individuals. Local designers are Maria Nepembe, Melissa Poulton and Ingo Shanyenge with the international glamour media like DSTV’s E! Entertainment & Vusu TV, GQ Magazine, Drum magazine, and the South African Sunday World Newspaper and Huisgenoot having been invited. Thus organisers are billing the first Windhoek Fashion Week an event to remember forever. It is a brainchild of Voguish Media, in conjunction with the Ehaveco Events Management (EEM), and aims at creating a platform where designers, and the industry at large, will have an opportunity to showcase their creative designs to the Namibian public and potential buyers. “Seeing a gap in the fashion industry sparked a want to close the gap,” says co-founder, and Events manager at EEM, Mavis Elias. She adds that Fashion Week will bring together local and international models, fashion designers, stylists, jewelry makers and make-up artists. “All art forms are highly neglected in the Namibian industry, not because there is not a market, but because there is not a vast amount of quality of presentation. It is with this that we bring you the Windhoek Fashion Week, which will showcase talented Namibian designers who will display their talent on the ramp and workshop,” informs Elias. The Fashion Week will start with its launching followed by workshops, launch of the awards and then climaxing into the walk-way shows the last two nights which promise a glitz and glamour affair with fashion designers showcasing their collection winding up with awards to the deserving designers and others. There will be five workshops for designers, models, social media, make-up, and photographer and technical workshop to be hosted by the Fashion Council of Namibia (FCN). The main guests is David Tlale, a renowned South African fashion designer, with a global presence having crisscrossed the globe invading the fashion centres of the world, like in New York. With the Fashion Week, Elias, believes Namibian designers also stand an opportunity to network with fellow international designer as a stepping stone for them to greater things in the fashion industry. There will be 26 models, 12 male and 14 female. windhoek-fashion-week-2
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