• November 16th, 2018
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Our Star of the Week: Martin Shongolo

Special Focus, Features
Special Focus, Features

Our Star of the Week is 33-year-old Martin Shongolo who proved that success can be obtained with determination and hard work. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2003 while studying towards a Bachelor of Accounting at the University of Namibia, Shongolo endured difficult circumstances such as the cancellation of his bursary when sponsors learnt that he was frequenting a mental health unit. With no money to further his studies Shongolo, who at the time was a second-year student, left for the village where he stayed for three years, helping around the house. He was ridiculed and insulted for being bipolar but defied all odds to earn himself a Basic Education Teachers Diploma (BETD), an advanced Certificate in Education and a Certificate in English Proficiency. Today Shongolo is a published author of two Oshindonga books – a novel and a collection of poetry.
New Era Reporter
2016-10-14 10:27:58 2 years ago

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