• September 24th, 2018
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Admissions of self-confessed killer admitted as evidence


Windhoek A pointing out and admission made to the police by Mariental resident David Kid, 48, who is charged with the rape and murder of his teenage stepdaughter in 2013 was admitted into evidence at the end of a trial-within-a-trial in the Windhoek High Court on Friday. Acting Judge Boas Usiku did not waste time as immediately after the submissions made by lawyers Titus Mbaeva for Kido and Cliff Lutibezi for the State he made his ruling on the dispute. Kido claimed the admissions and pointing out were not made freely and voluntarily, as he was not properly informed of his right not to incriminate himself. According to Judge Usiku, he will make his reasons for the ruling known at an unspecified time in future. It was also revealed during the main trial that Kido allegedly consulted a traditional healer to make the charges go away. The healer, Frans Kortman, made the revelations during his testimony in the ongoing trial of Kido. According to Kortman, the accused visited him at his home at Pos 13 near Gobabis in September of 2013 in search of help. As he is a traditional healer he told the accused to put a N$50 note in a bag that held his “medicinal sticks”. After Kido had placed the N$50 note in the bag and blew on it, Kortman said, he emptied the bag and saw that Kido was with a woman. He said he could tell, because the sticks were laying on top of each other. That was when Kido told him that he had raped and murdered his stepdaughter, Kortman said, and asked for his help. “He told me he did not know what came over him,” the Kortman said. But, according to Kortman, he refused and told the accused to come back later with his wife. Kido is accused of raping his 18-year-old teenage stepdaughter Izelda Kock during the period September 18 to 20, 2013 while they were alone at his house on Farm Jakkalsfontein in the Mariental District. According to the indictment, after he allegedly raped the 18-year-old, he killed her by striking her on the head with an unknown object and thereafter buried her in a shallow grave. He then reported the girl missing at the Mariental police to defeat the course of justice, it is further alleged. He also faces two counts of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. It is alleged that he beat the deceased and her sister, Sharon Kock, with a dropper pole during August of 2013. Kido denied guilt on all charges, except the count of defeating or attempting to defeat the course of justice. While he admits that he killed the deceased, he claims it was accidentally. According to the accused, he beat her with a knopkierie on the side of the head and when he realised she was dead he panicked and buried her in an aardvark burrow on the farm. He, however, denied that he ever had sexual intercourse with the deceased, or that he intended to kill her. He further denied assaulting either the deceased or Sharon. The trial continues today.
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