• September 23rd, 2018
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Youngsters, Kalza Jaivas, making musical waves


Windhoek The story of young artist Kazla Jaivas has a humble beginning with three cousins who found their passion for music and dancing in the church. The group consists of Victolinu Frans (B-Killer), a pianist, Ihemba Johannes (J-Benefeath) on drums and Muliata Johannes (Ouban) a vocals. At high school, the group would perform at talent shows as Kwaito dancers, which was the most dominant genre then. “We listened to a lot of local and international sounds and they became an inspiration and motivated us to start writing our own music,” says Ouban. All the members of the group are involved in every step of the music process, but their individual skills and talents bring a great dynamism to the group. In 2009 the group released their first album, ‘Nakulatha’, which was an introduction of Kazla Jaivas to its fan base, laying the ground work for their second album, ‘Mulwendo’, meaning “our journey”, a collection of many hit singles, such as ‘Kwendelela’ released in 2011. The album’s successes helped to bring the group to the table and into conversation with artists, such as Swartbaster, Sunny Boy, Tequila, Neslow and international artists, such as Vacriss, just to mention a few. This year the group released its latest Afro-Pop album, titled ‘Mathew Chapter 20:16’. The album contains 18 tracks, with hit songs, such as ‘Beautiful Woman’, featuring Sunny Boy and ‘Kaana Kameme’, featuring Tequila. They have shot a video of the song ‘Cilavu-Lavu’, which means sleepless night, due for release at the end of this month. Next year the group intends to spend a lot of time promoting the album and securing sponsorships.
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