• October 19th, 2018
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GIPF hosts open day at Lüderitz


Lüderitz The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) recently organised an open day at the Lüderitz Sports Complex to reach out and to share information with its members. The teams invited to participate in the day of fun and information-sharing included members of the navy, as well as the correctional services and the sports codes included soccer and netball. “We recorded a large number of the Lüderitz community who came to our open day to check their benefits and verify information,” said GIPF manager for marketing services Amos Kambonde. He said GIPF was established to provide retirement benefits to employees in the service of the Namibian government and other participating public institutions. The Fund’s membership includes active members and a variety of annuitants. As part of the Board of Trustees’ fiduciary duties, constant communication with stakeholders is required. Constant stakeholder engagement has proven to be an effective marketing technique. Thus GIPF as an institution believes in providing information to its members and this was the reason GIPF organised the open day event at Lüderitz to provide information to its large membership base. In its quest to increase its visibility GIPF has established various information-sharing platforms, such as member education sessions and the use of social media, including its website and Facebook page. “We at GIPF would like to make sure that our members’ information is up to date, such as how members can make amendments to their records, benefits payable to deceased family members, financial arrangement assistance, funeral cover, retirement, resignations and many other benefits, which the Fund offers,” said Kambonde. He said GIPF is always ready to engage its members and their client service team is always ready to take up one-on-one claim queries. The open day in Lüderitz was the first of its kind and GIPF is clearly ready to engage its members going forward. They usually conduct member education sessions during weekdays, which proved to be a success, but they would like to engage them during weekends to make sure those that are not able to attend their member education sessions have time on Saturdays to attended. Kambonde said they encourage their members and beneficiaries to understand the rules of the Fund and how they are applied and what their obligations. He pledged that the more information-sharing will be conducted countrywide. Fund members are encouraged to watch the press for notices of GIPF’s next open day.
2016-10-19 09:59:53 2 years ago
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