• December 17th, 2018
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Angolan survives leopard attack


Outapi A 73-year-old Angolan man is recuperating at Outapi District Hospital after he was viciously attacked by a leopard while herding livestock in Angola two weeks ago. Sikunda Kasonga was scratched and bitten on the right shoulder during the horrific attack. He this week applauded the nurses at Outapi for the good service they have rendered to him since his arrival there. Prior to being hospitalised at Outapi he was initially admitted to a state hospital at Ondjiva in Angola, where he spent 10 days, but he says his condition did not improve, resulting in his transfer to Outapi. He said his health only started improving after he came to Outapi. “Because I have a family at Omahenene in Namibia I asked that the doctors [in Angola] discharge me, so that I will brought here [to Outapi] and it only took me two days and I’m already recovering well,” Kasongo said. Narrating his story from the hospital bed on Tuesday, Kasongo said he was attacked while looking after his livestock. Five other people, whom he was herding cattle with, apparently scampered when they saw the wild beast and hid in nearby bushes. “It was difficult to escape, because the animal came straight at me. I decided to fight back, because I was carrying a panga,” he recalled. He said he is very happy with the service he received at Outapi and congratulated the staff for their hard work, professionalism and dedication. Kasongo claimed nurses in Angola are nonchalant and the service rendered is poor, compared to Namibia. He also commended the Namibian government for prioritising the health sector. He is expected to be discharged as soon as he has recovered. According to a source at the hospital, Outapi District Hospital treats between six and 10 Angolan patients on a daily basis.
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2016-10-20 09:52:53 2 years ago

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